Organic Products

The organic Honey from the flowers of Syzygium guineense is collected from small scale bee keepers of selected areas of tropical forests.

IMINO FORCE HONEY is rich in a specific IS, casuarine and the product for everyday use is standardized at a casuarine factor of 10.

Honey consumption is traditionally associated with well-being and almost all the civilizations have used honey or its derivatives for a wide variety of ailments. Honeys and bees products have a long tradition of immuno- stimulation and improvement of the immune system.


IS Honey is obtained from the tropical plant Syzygium guineense, and is controlled, via a patented process, so that it has a content of Casuarine.

Casuarine is a potent IS that has been shown, in various clinical trials, to act as a human immune stimulant, re- enforcing the capacity to prevent and overcome infections.

IMINO FORCE HONEY is offered in jars of 340 gr.